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"Airport Taxi" service is distinguished by being a safe, fast and convenient transportation, and its prices are reasonable, as "Airport Taxi" reaches all regions in Amman and all governorates, and it is an ideal mode of transportation for travelers around the clock 24/7 as well as when there are large bags Where the capacity of a single airport taxi from 4 to 5 large bags depending on their size. It is worth noting that the "airport taxi" fare is fixed and has been determined by the Land Transport Regulatory Authority.

For the safety and convenience of our customers, we recommend the independence of the airport taxi, and it is waiting for you when you exit Building No. (1) in the arrivals hall. As the airport taxi operating in that region is the only one authorized to work at the airport and is characterized by high quality driven by trained drivers and it is guaranteed to carry out its mission to the fullest extent, and in case of finding belongings and missing items it will be easy to deal with them according to the policy of lost and lost ones




 Queen Alia International Airport Taxi

There are currently 236 taxis with a distinctive beige color airport that operates under the management of the Economic and Social Foundation for military retirees and veterans, employed by competent drivers, all of whom are holders of the fourth-class "public" or higher category driver's license.

And the airport taxi is distinguished by its cleanliness and its technical readiness, from the technical point of view, before the start of the trip, as it is located in the main position waiting for the airport taxi, a maintenance center and a washing station.





  • Types of taxi Queen Alia International Airport


All airport taxis, which currently numbered 236, are a newly-made airport taxi, most of which are Hyundai Sonata, Kia Optima and Toyota Camry, which feature the capacity of the taxi from the inside for the comfort of travelers, as well as the capacity of the trunk of the bags of whatever size in addition to the presence of a strap on the roof of the taxi for additional bags.






  • Taxi Queen Alia International Airport
  • The internal office of the airport taxi in the arrivals hall: you see it directly after the customs area and before the local Jordanian telecommunications companies (Zain, Orange, Umniah) as shown in the picture below, where you can book and know the exact price of the trip, which is the same prices as on our website, as well as you can choose the method of payment either in cash After you arrive at the place you want to go or in advance by credit card

qa taxi



Outside Office of the Airport Taxi: Upon exiting Gate 1 (there is an exit in yellow) in the arrivals hall, travelers can reach the official office of Queen Alia International Airport taxi and next to it are the airport taxis of beige color (ivory,caream), as shown in the picture


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And all of them are there











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